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Mini MicroSD Reader €? Kickstarter Project

If you enjoyed creating projects and devices using the awesome Raspberry Pi mini PC you might be interested in a new adapter which has been created and launched on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website, that will allow you to use microSD cards with your Raspberry Pi mini PC.

Mini MicroSD Reader – Kickstarter Project


In July 2013, Ouya announced the "Free the Games Fund", a scheme to help fund developers, where Ouya would match any Kickstarter campaign if a minimum target of $50,000 was reached, and provided the game remained Ouya exclusive for six months.[24] Suspicions were raised concerning the first two games to reach the target. Commentators noticed the small number of backers each pledging a high value amount, the large number of those who had never backed a project before, as well as the use of duplicate names and avatars that included those of celebrities.[63] This led some to suggest that the projects were artificially inflating their project's backing in order to receive extra money from Ouya. In addition, one project had a backer whose identity appeared to be taken from that of a missing person's case.[63]

The Animaionic docking station aims to solve this problem by transforming the Mac Mini into a proper workstation. The model supports two PCIe graphics cards and up to four SSDs, according to the Kickstarter campaign, for up to 8TB of additional data storage capacity. The docking station also features an SD card reader, two USB 3.1 ports, Thunderbolt 3, HDMI, Ethernet and an audio mini jack.

Unihertz released the first tiny smartphone to run 4G, the Jelly, back in 2017. The project was a success, with over 10,000 backers and raising $1 million. At the time, Business Insider tested out the phone, with miniature versions of Instagram and Twitter.

Many infamous Kickstarter projects have ultimately flopped or failed, leaving backers frustrated and angry. Often pitched with a splashy convincing video that happens to have critical components conveniently offscreen. [Allen Pan] was reminiscing about one such project, the air umbrella, and decide to redeem the project by making his own.

We do not currently license our art or models for commercial purposes, so you may not use our minis in your board game or other project. See our Terms of Service for more information. Still need help?


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