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AllMusic's Andy Kellman commended Rich's unique vocalization and the production, highlighting Brian Kidd's contribution on "Get to Poppin'", but concluded that the album wears thin with stagnant beats and "uninspired variations on the rampant materialism done so effectively on "Throw Some D's.""[5] Steve 'Flash' Juon of RapReviews criticized Rich's "monotonous thuggery delivered with an excessively thick accent" and Polow's production having a "night and day" unevenness throughout the record.[10] PopMatters contributor Gentry Boeckel felt that Polow and Brian Kidd overshadow Rich throughout the album with their contributions instead of helping him craft a unique image, concluding that, "Both as an artist and a persona, Rich Boy lives up to his name, with the best thing one can say about him is that he has a certain get-rich-quick innocence, a certain naive hunger to succeed. Too bad that success depends so much on his collaborators."[9] Reptilia of AbsolutePunk was also critical of Rich's lyricism ruining Polow's catchy beats, concluding that, "Too much of Rich Boy's style is playing up the same "gangsta" stereotypes and not really doing anything to distance his flow and his lack of profound or at least interesting rhyme from anybody else's in the modern rap scene. And unfortunately, the Polow Show doesn't cover those flaws."[4]

Rich Boy, Rich Boy full album zip

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To which we might add, that it is better to be born with brains andenergy than rich; for the riches may be lost; but the former are anenduring possession, and when under the control of virtuous principles,a source of unfailing happiness and self-respect.


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