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[S7E2] To Lean In, Or To Let Go __HOT__

Unfortunately, there will not be a new episode of Law and Order: SVU this Thursday night on NBC due to the Thanksgiving holiday. As it does every year, NBC will be airing the Thursday night NFL primetime game on Thursday evening via a special presentation of Sunday Night Football which will see the Buffalo Bills face off against the New Orleans Saints.

[S7E2] To Lean In, or to Let Go

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The remaining Scooby Gang console the woman, Nancy, and promise to deal with the creature. Much to everyone's surprise, a cleaned up version of Spike joins them in the living room and offers his assistance in the battle. Spike wants to talk with Buffy, but Dawn and Xander are not happy to see him or with the fact that Buffy didn't inform them that she saw Spike earlier. Buffy goes to talk with Spike privately and he offers to help deal with this underground monster. Buffy eventually agrees to let him help, then explains the game plan to the rest of the group. As Spike leaves with Buffy for patrol, Dawn leaves him with a parting threat that if he ever again harms or touches Buffy, Dawn will set him on fire while he sleeps.

She loses her purse, and has to go to Don's office, which is how she is the first of the people close to him to find out that he's on leave. He lies to her about it until Dawn calls to tell him Sally was there. "Why would you just let me lie to you like that?" Don asks her as he drives her back to school. Her answer is withering: "Because it's more embarrassing for me to catch you in a lie than it is for you to be lying." They stop at a diner, and she's sullen. Then Don comes clean: "I told the truth about myself. But it wasn't the right time. So they made me take some time off. I was ashamed." Sally isn't quite there, yet. "What was the truth?" she asks, still suspicious. Don is, again, forthright: "Nothing you don't know." As they say good-bye when he drops her off, Sally says, "Happy Valentine's Day. I love you." She says it so casually; it means everything to him, though.

"Public Relations" is the season premiere after the events of "Shut the Door. Have a Seat." when Don, Roger, and Bert stage a coup and start their own agency, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. So how's it going? Yet that's not the question that kicks off "Public Relations," since this is Mad Men and we have to return to our overarching theme: "Who is Don Draper?" That's the first line of Season 4, delivered by a reporter from Advertising Age who is interviewing him. Being interviewed seems to signify that things are going well, especially since he appears to have made a splash with a campaign for Glo-coat, a floor cleaner. And the new office looks sleek and busy. But within minutes, we find out that they're overpaying for it, they lie about having a second floor, and they don't have a conference room table yet. It's been 11 months. And it's hand-to-mouth. Things get worse when the article about Don comes out: It calls him a "handsome cypher" and compares him to Dorian Grey. They even lose jai alai as a client because of it, since Don didn't mention him. Lucky Strike is the majority of their business, Lane informs them forebodingly.

What a pivotal episode for both Don and Peggy. Don gets into a drunken, car-rolling accident with Bobbie, and when he doesn't have enough cash on him to pay the fine ($150 since he was over the legal limit of 1.5%), the only person he can think to call to bring him the money is Peggy. It's visibly clear from Don's and Bobbie's injuries that they were both in an accident, so Bobbie needs to keep out of sight. She ends up going home with Peggy to her Brooklyn apartment and staying there.(Bobbie tells Jimmy she's at a "fat farm.") Being complicit in Don's messy life makes Peggy remember her time in the hospital, which would have been endless had she not gotten a surprise visit from Don, who tracked her down out of concern. "What's wrong with you?" he asks. "I don't know," Peggy answers. "Do whatever they say," he tells her, leaning forward intently. "Peggy listen to me: Get out of here. And move forward. This never happened. It will shock you how much it never happened."

Dr. Will Halstead finds his career as an emergency medicine physician in jeopardy, following his cover-up involving a serious ethics violation. Dr. Daniel Charles remains the Sherlock Holmes of psychiatry. Sharon Goodwin, the venerable head of the city's largest hospital, is under intense fiscal scrutiny to preserve the bottom line while continuing to ensure that all patients receive nothing short of quality care and compassion. Dr. Ethan Choi, a former Navy flight surgeon and chief of the ED, begins the season in recovery mode after being shot by a former patient. Now it's up to the blunt but talented Dr. Dean Archer to show what he's made of as interim chief at the helm of Chicago's trusted and busiest ER. Maggie Lockwood, the charge nurse and eyes, ears and brain of the ER, is skilled and confident but finds herself dealing with profound family issues of her own. Ace surgeon Dr. Crockett Marcel, the New Orleans-raised surgeon with a breezy manner, has finally started to let his guard down, earning the respect of his colleagues. And now two new doctors have joined the ED family. Dr. Stevie Hammer is a brilliant, scrappy emergency medicine doctor with a surprising past and Dr. Dylan Scott is an ex-cop who's doing a dual residency in emergency medicine and pediatrics. 041b061a72


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