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Jacob Long
Jacob Long

Passengers Napisy Polskie

A stowaway (Stanisław Tym) sneaks aboard a ship departing on a cruise down the Vistula River. The captain takes him for a Communist Party cultural coordinator and the intruder gladly adapts to his new role, immediately setting to work at manipulating the passengers and crew into silly and vaguely humiliating games. Before long, Tym has got everyone under his thumb and created his own comedic dictatorship.

Passengers napisy polskie

From Joseph Conrad's great novel comes the story of a young seaman trying to helm a damaged boat to Singapore and dealing with many unfortunate events. While on command of the situation, he also devotes himself to help his failing crew and some of the boat's many passengers.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 / Jak Wytresować Smoka 2 (dystrybutor: Imperial)Reklamowany na przodzie okładki 27 minutowy dodatek "Down of the Dragon Racers" nie posiada polskiej wersji językowej. 041b061a72


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