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Best Porsche 928 To Buy

The Porsche 928 is the perfect car for gearheads. It has the performance and handling of the best European sports cars, but it is different due to it having the style and elegance of a top-tier luxury sedan. The Porsche 928 is a car that would make practically every gearhead smile from ear to ear. It may not be the most talked about Porsche of all time, but it still sits with the best of them.

best porsche 928 to buy

Though the modern bells and whistles are greatly appreciated, the simplicity of cars like the Porsche 928 is always a favorite. Cars like this have a back-to-basics approach while also being luxurious. This simple approach is one reason the 928 is the best of both worlds. A significant reason for this is that the company put designing lightweight vehicles above all else for the 928. The automaker designed the doors, wings, and bonnet from aluminum to do this. Another staple from the 928, and many rides from that era, are the pop-up headlights. Over time, one change with the car was the use of a front and rear spoiler. This change began with the 928S and improved the car's aerodynamics.

These cars are a great joy to own and drive and only recently have been getting their due as real supercars. It is still possible to buy a nice 928, enjoy the car today, and then sell it years down the road for more money. Just be sure to buy the best example you can afford and take good care of it. I have had as many as 12 928s at once, sold four over the last several years, and made at least a few dollars on each of them. The best days of the 928 are still to come!

List of the best Porsche 928s of all time, ranked from best to worst. This list of top Porsche 928s includes photos of the cars that can be enlarged by clicking on them. If you're looking to find out what the coolest Porsche 928s are then you're in the right place. Do you think the greatest Porsche 928 is not towards the top of the list? Be sure to vote so that your opinion is represented. This list is a great resource for both vintage Porsche 928s and more contemporary ones as well. If you're looking to buy a new car you can use this list to see what the best Porsche 928s ever are.

By the moment the last 928 went off the line in 1995 (a highly sought-after GTS model), power had increased from 219 up to 350 horsepower, and top speed bested 170 MPH. It was a rock-solid, user-friendly supercar by any title. Along with five-speed manual support and a three-speed automatic were possible.

It is well understood that the Porsche 928 is the best car ever regarding speed, interior, engine, and transmissions. It will stand first in many racing competitions, which proves its worth. The price range is not so high that the Porsche lover with a high-speed racing car will deserve to ride it or buy it for long-term pleasure.

The solid feel of these cars is legend, virtually unbeatable during that era. The interior was simply stunning, offering lots of leather, extremely comfortable seats and an ingenious instrument binnacle that adjusted with the steering wheel. It was quite simply the best interior of any sporting car built during the time.

For years, the values of 928s were around $10,000, but in the past few years, these cars have increased substantially in value along with other Porsches, with the best low-mileage all-original examples of the earliest cars routinely changing hands for upwards of $40,000.

I was living more than 60 miles away from the store I owned and where I sold high-end stereo equipment and that car made fun out of an otherwise grinding commute. The clock on the dash let me time the drive and see if I could best myself. The car performed well, with an advanced and well-balanced powertrain, with weight distribution nearly perfect at 51%/49%, front to rear. A 90-degree, all-aluminum, 16-valve, 4.5-liter V8 with Bosch Continuous Injection System (CIS) fuel delivery produced 219 hp and 254 ft-lb of torque. The engine worked with a fully synchronized rear transaxle and a 5-speed manual. I found the car very stable, very poised on the road.

When it comes to purchasing a Porsche, the Turbo badged models are the best of the best. Excluding the 911s that could practically be race cars, the Turbo and Turbo S are the quickest and most luxurious vehicles that Porsche offers.

For your money, the best Porsche Panamera engine is the 3.0L turbocharged V6. The 3.0L turbo offers dependable performance at a respectable price. The 971 Panameras with this engine start around $40,000. After considering reliability, performance, and accessibility, the 3.0L turbo takes the prize.

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You can buy a Volkswagen Jetta, Buick Skyhawk, or Honda Accord for about the same price, says Mr. Levy, but if you figure out the four-year cost of ownership, the best buy among the three is the Accord. The most expensive, adds Levy, is the VW Jetta, with the difference between the two being about $2,500. A guide for car buyers

But everything else being equal, what's the best value on the market? For 1987, Levy's cost guide lists the Toyota Tercel, Chevrolet Spectrum, and Dodge Colt E, in the under-$8,000 category. Jumping to the $14,000-to-$16,000 range, the Volvo DL leads the pack, followed by the Mazda RX-7 and Pontiac Trans-Am. In the over $25,000 price class, Levy lists the Porsche 911, Mercedes 300 SDL, and Porsche 928.

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