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Score Hero APK: Challenge Your Friends and Rivals Online

Score Hero APK: A Review of the Best Soccer Game for Android

If you are a fan of soccer games, you might have heard of Score Hero APK. This is one of the most popular and addictive soccer games for Android devices. In this game, you can create your own soccer legend and lead your team to glory. You can pass, shoot, and score your way to legendary status in over 800 levels. You can also customize your player, change clubs, represent your country, and challenge your friends.

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In this article, we will review Score Hero APK and tell you why you should play it. We will also give you some tips and tricks to help you master the game. So, let's get started!

What is Score Hero APK?

Score Hero APK is a soccer game developed by First Touch Games, the same company that created Dream League Soccer and Score! Match. It is available for free on Google Play Store, but you can also download it from other sources like APKPure.

Features of Score Hero APK

Score Hero APK has many features that make it stand out from other soccer games. Here are some of them:

  • 3D graphics and animations: The game has stunning 3D graphics and realistic animations that make you feel like you are on the pitch.

  • Free-flowing gameplay: The game lets you control the action with simple gestures. You can split defenses with precise through balls, or bend shots into the top corner.

  • Story mode: The game has a story mode that follows your career from a rookie to a superstar. You can experience different scenarios, emotions, and drama as you progress.

  • Customization: The game allows you to customize your player's appearance, name, nationality, and skills. You can also change clubs, jerseys, and hairstyles.

  • Achievements and trophies: The game has over 200 achievements and trophies that you can unlock by completing various challenges and objectives.

  • Social features: The game lets you connect with Facebook and Google Play to sync your progress and compete with your friends. You can also share your best moments on YouTube or other platforms.

How to download and install Score Hero APK

If you want to download and install Score Hero APK on your Android device, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to and search for Score Hero APK.

  • Select the latest version of the game and tap on Download APK.

  • Once the download is finished, open the file manager on your device and locate the downloaded file.

  • Tap on the file and allow the installation from unknown sources if prompted.

  • Wait for the installation to complete and then launch the game.

Note: You may need to enable unknown sources on your device settings before installing the game. This will allow you to install apps from sources other than Google Play Store.

Why you should play Score Hero APK

Score Hero APK is not just another soccer game. It is a game that offers a unique and immersive experience that will keep you hooked for hours. Here are some reasons why you should play Score Hero APK:

Immersive and realistic gameplay

The game has a free-flowing gameplay that lets you control every aspect of the action. You can decide where to pass, how to shoot, and when to score. You can also use different techniques like curl ing, chipping, lobbing, and volleying to score amazing goals. The game also has realistic physics and animations that make the gameplay more lifelike.

Customizable and creative options

The game gives you a lot of options to customize your player and your team. You can change your player's name, appearance, nationality, and skills. You can also choose from different clubs, jerseys, and hairstyles. You can even create your own club and design your own logo and kit. The game also lets you be creative with your gameplay. You can create your own style of play and score goals in different ways. You can also replay your best moments and edit them with different camera angles and filters.

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Challenging and rewarding levels

The game has over 800 levels that will test your skills and strategy. Each level has a different scenario, objective, and difficulty. You will face different opponents, formations, and situations. You will also have to deal with various factors like weather, injuries, morale, and pressure. The game will reward you with stars, cash, and energy for completing each level. You can use these rewards to upgrade your player, buy new items, or unlock new features.

Tips and tricks for playing Score Hero APK

If you want to master Score Hero APK and become a soccer legend, you will need some tips and tricks to help you along the way. Here are some of them:

Use the right amount of power and curve

One of the most important skills in Score Hero APK is to use the right amount of power and curve when passing or shooting. You can control the power by dragging your finger on the screen. The longer you drag, the more power you will apply. You can control the curve by swiping your finger in a curved motion. The more you swipe, the more curve you will add. You will need to use different combinations of power and curve depending on the situation. For example, if you want to pass the ball over a defender's head, you will need to use more power and less curve. If you want to bend the ball around a wall of players, you will need to use less power and more curve.

Plan your moves ahead

Another important skill in Score Hero APK is to plan your moves ahead. You can see the trajectory of the ball before you release it by holding your finger on the screen. This will help you to see where the ball will go and how it will bounce or roll. You can also see the positions of your teammates and opponents by tapping on them. This will help you to find the best pass or shot option. You should always try to anticipate the movement of the players and the ball before you make your move.

Watch ads to get free energy and cash

A useful tip in Score Hero APK is to watch ads to get free energy and cash. Energy is used to play each level in the game. If you run out of energy, you will have to wait for it to recharge or buy more with real money. Cash is used to buy items, upgrade skills, or unlock features in the game. If you want to get more energy or cash without spending money, you can watch ads that will appear randomly in the game. Each ad will give you one energy or some cash depending on the type of ad. You can watch as many ads as you want until they run out.


Score Hero APK is a soccer game that offers a unique and immersive experience for Android users. It has many features that make it stand out from other soccer games, such as 3D graphics, free-flowing gameplay, story mode, customization, achievements, trophies, and social features. It also has over 800 levels that will challenge your skills and strategy. If you want to play Score Hero APK, you can download it from or Google Play Store for free. You can also use some tips and tricks to help you master the game and become a soccer legend.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Score Hero APK:

  • Q: Is Score Hero APK safe to download?

  • A: Yes, Score Hero APK is safe to download from or Google Play Store. It does not contain any viruses or malware that could harm your device.

  • Q: Is Score Hero APK compatible with my device?

  • A: Score Hero APK is compatible with most Android devices that have Android 4.4 or higher version installed.

  • Q: How can I save my progress in Score Hero APK?

  • A: You can save your progress in Score Hero APK by connecting with Facebook or Google Play. This will also allow you to sync your progress across different devices and compete with your friends.

Q: How can I get more stars in Score Hero APK?</


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