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Download MГєsica instrumental

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Then together, we planned for the carnival we decided to have for the southern families. Everyone was assigned a station to set up and manage. After setting up for a little, we joined the other families by the pool where there was loud music and a dancer dancing with the kids. Everyone was having a great time, and were bonding with the children and talking to them about their experiences. The entertainers eventually brought out a blow up mat that all the kids tried running across in the water, but kept falling on their faces. It was funny to watch, not going to lie. After a little fun in the pool, we brought the kids to our carnival where we had stations such as beer pong (with soda), arts and crafts, pin the tail on the donkey, etc. The carnival basically turned into a massive water fight when Nikki went out of control and dumped buckets on anyone not expecting it. Everyone followed along and others wanted revenge on him so they splashed back.

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